4 things to love about Germany

October 23, 2015

BremenGermany was not on my list of top countries to travel to, but after going there, I do have to say it deserves honorable mention.

World of Wanderlust, a popular travel blog, recently wrote a piece on the 10 German cities everyone should visit and I couldn't agree more.

Although I personally haven't travelled to all 10 of them, I have seen a couple of them and found plenty of reasons to fall in love with the country.

Here are four things to love about Germany:

1. Buildings

The grandiose architecture, whether antique or modern, will capture your attention. I found this bright red building while walking the streets of Osnabrück this summer. Building

2. Transportation

The transportation in Germany is fairly simple. I found it easier to take the bus around the city than to call a taxi every time I wanted to go out. The train is also a useful way to get to different cities that take too much time to get to via car.

3. Chocolate

I didn't realize how unfortunate American chocolate was until I tried German chocolate. Before departing the country, I went to a local grocery store and stocked my basket with all kinds of chocolate. My favorite brand was Kinder.

4. Countryside views

The best part about taking the train to Münster and Bremen was the view from the window. Fields and fields of greenery surround you. Here's a short video I took that depicts most of what is mentioned above: